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Terms and Conditions for Exchange at JU

Acknowledgement of Responsibility

By accepting the offered exchange placement, I acknowledge my responsibility of the following:

  • To ensure that my application to the partner university is completed and submitted on time. It is my responsibility to ensure that I have all the necessary documents for this application.
  • I need to have entered my study plan/courses during exchange in the online system used at JU, to ensure that I have my accreditors approval of my study plan/courses during exchange before I leave (different faculty members at each school within JU). If changes occur to courses, I must do necessary updates in the online system for accreditation and receive approval of any new courses as soon as possible. Students at JTH need to contact the program manager in case of course changes.
    I also need to ensure that I study full time, equivalent to 30 credits/ECTS.
    I need to be aware that my study week depends on the specific course schedules as well as the placement schedule at my company (if applicable). There is no guarantee that certain days will be free. I am expected to adjust to the study times of the company (if applicable) and university.
  • To register on the exchange semester in Ladok at JU
  • To pay any additional costs/fees that may occur in relation to the Exchange semester (I don’t have to pay tuition fees to the host university)
  • To notify JU International Office and the host institution immediately if I for any reason can’t fulfill my exchange semester
  • To be aware that the contact with CSN is my responsibility
  • To ensure that I have all the necessary information for my VISA application and make the application in time
  • To investigate country specific vaccinations before departure
  • To organize my accommodation, either through the partner university or on my own
  • To be a good ambassador for Jönköping University the partner university as well as the partner company and to be a contact person for future students and participate in information activities.
  • I understand that I have a marketing mission to promote exchange studies at JU at the host institution and then expected to participate in exchange fairs/presentations/networking events during my time abroad.
  • To read my JU-emails while on exchange
  • To complete an evaluation of the exchange semester

The following applies to students who are applying for an JTH International Campus exchange:

  • To be aware that JTH strives to allocate company placements as early as possible, but it may take until the week before the start of the International Campus semester before the companies are allocated to the students. In rare occasions, when the conditions of a company placement change, students should be allocated to a new company at the latest 2 weeks into the placement. JTH allocates the companies but, in some cases, gives the students the opportunity to have a say and wish for a certain placement. I understand that the transportation time to the company may be long, since the companies are mainly located in larger cities. It is my responsibility to organize the transport to the company as well as the university.
  • To hold a mandatory presentation at my allocated company towards the end of my company placement

Processing of personal data (GDPR)

Read more about data protection at JU here Öppnas i nytt fönster.