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Insurance for Outgoing Students

From 1 January 2021, all outgoing exchange students are covered by Kammarkollegiets Student Out insurance.

This insurance applies for students at JU that are going on an exchange (studies/internships) through their study program at JU, to a receiving university/company that has an agreement with JU. Since this is a group insurance, it offers a basic medical and travel cover. As each individual's need for insurance may differ, please make sure to read the full conditions from Kammarkollegiet.

*** Please note that some host universities may require you to purchase their own campus insurance as well.***

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC):
If you are travelling to a country within the EU or certain other countries, please make sure to have the EHIC with you.

More information about the EHIC can be found on Försäkringskassans homepage or you can contact the relevant authorities from your home country (within the EU).

The Kammarkollegiets Student Out insurance is valid:

  • Only in the country of your study destination as well as your direct trip to your study destination.
  • Two weeks before the start of your study period until two weeks after your study period.
  • ***PLEASE NOTE: If you are planning on travelling to other countries other than your study destination you will need to arrange a private insurance for this period. ***
  • When students are doing an internship included in the exchange semester abroad, however there are the following exceptions when the insurance is not valid (students must then purchase a private health insurance) :
    1. The internship is done abroad outside of regular semester dates in the summer and there is no registration on an internship course in Ladok at JU for that specific time.
    2. The internship is done abroad but not within an exchange programme and not mandatory to do abroad within the study program at JU.
    3. The internship is done in Sweden.

    More information about what the insurance covers can be found on Kammarkollegiets homepage. Please visit Kammarkollegiets homepage to find the updated conditions.

Proof of Insurance:
Some of you will be asked to hand in a proof of insurance to the receiving university, this you can access in the MOA workflow for exchange studies.

How to make a claim:
If you need to make a claim due to extra costs/damages during your exchange semester, please fill in this claim form and upload it, together with the relevant proof of costs (such as receipts) in JU's case management system, use the link to the right, or drop it off at Service Center.


Detailed information can be found on Kammarkollegiets homepage.

If you need urgent assistance, please contact the relevant emergency service in the country you are in and/or contact:

Falck Global Assistance:
Phone: +46 8 587 717 49
Fax: +46 8 587 717 62

Falck Global Assistance can be contacted 24 hours a day.

When assistance is needed in the US or Canada, Falck Global Assistance cooperate with United Healthcare Global.
Contact information to United Healthcare Global: Electronic Claims Submission: Payer ID 87726, Phone: +1855 720 7366, PO Box 740372, Atlanta, GA 30374-0372
Falck Global Assistance and United healthcare Global set a payment guarantee to the hospital if needed and the hospital can send the invoice to Falck Global Assistance.

You need to state JU insurance policy number when you are in contact with Falck Global Assistance. This is obtained by International Office at JU.

Contact us via the links below or visit us during the drop in online or at Service Center on campus


Open hours during Summer holidays:

We will be available via the Case system all summer, but as there are limited staff working during the summer, an answer may take longer than normal.

Drop-in will open again on Thursday 15 August, online drop-in at 11.30 - 12.30.

Introduction week for all new exchange students starts on 19 August. More information about the intro week schedule can be found here: Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster.

Weekly Drop-in (closed until 15 August)

At Service Center : Mondays and Wednesdays, 11:30 - 12:30

Drop-in online: Thursdays, 11.30-12.30

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