Active actions and success in entrepreneurship, guest lecture by Professor Michael Frese

What determines the success of an entrepreneur? According to Professor Michael Frese, one of the two recipients of this year’s Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research, being proactive (taking active actions) plays a significant role in entrepreneurial success. Take the chance to listen to Professor Frese’s lecture on the subject as he visits JIBS on 29 May.

Professor Michael Frese

Michael Frese, along with this year's other awardee, Professor Robert Baron, will receive the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2024 at a ceremony in Stockholm on 27 April. In connection with this event, Professor Frese will visit JIBS and give the lecture "How to Make Use of Evidence-Based Management in Entrepreneurship: The Example of Personal Initiative Training”.

Personal Initiative Training increased profits with 30 per cent

Research suggests that proactive actions are linked to and can predict entrepreneurial success. The concept of Personal Initiative (Frese & Fay, 2001) includes behavior that is self-starting, future oriented (planning by considering future opportunities and challenges) and focused on persistence in overcoming obstacles.

Drawing on the theory of Personal Initiative (PI), Michael Rese and his colleagues developed an entrepreneurship training program. This program was tested through a rigorous experiment with small business owners. One key study took place in Togo, involving 1,500 entrepreneurs. The results showed that those who took part in the training saw their profits increase by 30 per cent, and this benefit lasted up to two years.

Welcome to an exciting lecture!

Datum: 29 May

Time: 08:30-10:00

Place: JIBS Aula B1033