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The School of Engineering collaborates with hundreds of companies in different industries. Through practical work, project work and company visits, you gain practical experience and the opportunity for direct contact with employers and professionals.

Meet the challenges of reality

We believe that empowerment is an essential component of the quality of our engineering education. Therefore, we have created something we call Industrial Placement Courses (IPC) - a 5-7 week long internship that is done by all our engineering students. IPC gives you as a student a unique opportunity to connect with companies and other organisations already during your study time. It gives you practical experience and prepares you for your upcoming career.

In addition to IPC, we have several other courses based on close collaboration with companies, mainly through project work where you as a student together with a number of other students collaborate with one of our partner companies to solve a task.

Through the final semester project, you will be able to get acquainted with a company or organisation for the whole semester. The thesis work gives you the opportunity to practice and deepen your skills while helping to solve current challenges.

Further opportunities to meet companies and representatives from the industry are provided by study visits and guest lectures, as well as at the fairs below.

International outlook

In order to promote education and research in an international environment, the School of Engineering has built up a number of international campuses. This way, we can guarantee you as a student an opportunity to do your internship or graduate work in collaboration with a company abroad. Our international campuses are located in South/North Carolina in USA, Southeast Asia, Brazil and South Africa. You can read more about them here.

Management teams ensure quality

At the School of Engineering, each education area has a management team. It ensures that education in the field follows the industries' development and the need for future labor. The management team includes representatives from the industry who secures the quality of the education so that the program is adapted to your upcoming career.


If you want to know more about opportunities for collaborating with the industry, please contact Linda Bergqvist, business development manager at the School of Engineering.

Partner Companies

900 students and 60 teachers are in contact with about 500 partner companies each year.