Content updated 2013-08-16


  • Results from ISBSB 2023
    During November-December 2023, a large student survey was conducted at Jönköping University. The results of the survey are now available. Thanks to all of you who contributed!
  • Testing of fire alarm
    On Thursday 27 June, the fire and evacuation alarms will be tested in all JU buildings on campus in Jönköping. No evacuation is required.
  • Summer times on campus
    During the summer, irregular opening hours apply to several of the campus activities.
  • Increased security for logging into Canvas
    Starting Monday 24 June, MFA (multi-factor authentication) will be required to log into Canvas. This is a security-enhancing measure to protect our accounts at Jönköping University (JU). MFA is already used for logging in to, for example, Microsoft365 when using a private computer. Now it will be extended and apply to all logins to Canvas, regardless of equipment.