The students won the rowing premier

Last Wednesday it was time for Jönköping University's first rowing competition, between the staff and the students.

The sun was shining on Munksjön beach and it was time for the first rowing competition ever at Jönköping University.

Today four teams are competing against each other. One team consists of students from JU Rowing and the other three teams consist of staff from Jönköping University. The staff have been training all summer together with Carter Arnold from Jönköpings Roddsällskap.

Before the competition starts, Anita Hansbo, President of Jönköping University welcomes all visitors. The contact person for JU Rowing, Mona Sörman, also takes a moment to talk about athletics and point out the potential of JU Rowing and what it means to the university.

Then the race begins and the student team gets off to a great start. They pull ahead of the other boats quite quickly. The other teams are neck and neck with each other and rowing hard toward the finish line. But the students' lead is too great. They are crowned the race winner!