The library has a tradition of teaching and participating in many courses and programmes of the university. Our aim is to develop the students' information literacy. As a teacher, you are welcome to contact us to discuss possible collaborations.

Information literacy

The concept of information literacy includes the ability to search, find, critically review and use information, for example:

  • how research is published in a specific subject area
  • different types of publications and their characteristics
  • reading and navigating a journal article
  • the peer review process
  • identifying keywords based on a research question
  • different ways to search for information
  • relevant search tools
  • evaluating search results
  • reference management in an academic context


Our teaching aims to help students achieve the learning objectives related to information retrieval at both basic and advanced level. The teaching is planned together with the teachers and the content is adapted to the course requirements and the students' knowledge level. We offer both lectures and workshops in smaller groups.

Pedagogical approach

Our teaching is integrated with programmes and courses and each teaching session is based on the subject context and the requirements of the assignments. We strive for in-depth learning through a student active approach and the library classrooms are designed to encourage collaborative learning.


We also offer guidance in information seeking strategies in connection with essay writing and other assignments. The students can book a tutoring session on our website.

Contact us

Jönköping International Business School

Contact person: Frida Welander

School of Engineering

Contact person: Frida Welander

School of Education and Communication

Contact person: Sofia Nodén

School of Health and Welfare

Contact person: Margareta Hjort