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  • We are giving the library a makeover

    In 2022, the library will be 25 years old, and the building needs some maintenance and renovation. During the spring semester, the study environment will be affected by the intense renovation work that will take place. Major and minor changes will be made, including a new wall and furniture restorations. Recycling and restorationRecycling and restoration have been keywords during the work. The unique values ​​of the building are being emphasised, while the study environment is being modernised. The modernisation will lead to a more varied study environment with different typ... Read more…
  • Zoom in – at the library too

    Starting 7 December, we offer drop in-tutoring both at the library and in Zoom. Ask all your questions on how to search for information and cite your sources before Christmas! Read more.
  • We are redecorating the library

    At the end of this semester, an extensive renovation of the library's premises will begin, which is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2022. You can look forward to a new entrance, an opening b... Read more.

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