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Copyright support from the library

Can I use an image from a book in my thesis or my article? Is it okay to copy and distribute course literature? Regardless of whether you are a student, teacher or researcher, you need to find out how you can use other people's material. The library can help you get answers to your questions about copyright.

How teachers, researchers and students may use copyright-protected material in teaching is regulated in an agreement with Bonus Copyright Access. When you want to use copyrighted material, it can be difficult to get permission from each rights holder, as there may be many people involved. The purpose of the agreement is to facilitate the use of other people's material through a collective license.

In general, you do not need to ask for permission if the material is to be used internally in teaching. If, however, it is to be published in, for example, DiVA or a journal, you always need to ask for permission when it comes to copyright-protected material.

The library and copyright issues

On the library's copyright pages, you will find answers to common questions about copyrighted material. The pages are based on frequently asked questions and are available for students, teachers and researchers:

If you do not find what you are looking for on the pages, please contact us: