JU alumnus named as Preschool ‘powerhouse’

At the end of March, the Preschool Days event was held at Älvsjömässan in Stockholm. The event is a series of skills-development days for Sweden's pre-school principals and teachers. On the Preschool Days, the ‘Årets förskolekraft’ (Preschool ‘powerhouse’) award is given out, which this year went to Malin Gummesson, an alumnus of the preschool teacher program at the School of Education and Communication(HLK) at Jönköping University (JU).

The Årets förskolekraft’ award was instituted in 2020 by Förskoletidningen to highlight the good forces that exist in the world of preschools. This year's prize winner is Malin Gummesson from Aneby.

“Receiving the award is fun and very uplifting, it gives me new energy to carry on the work. The award means a lot to me, my preschool and our entire principal’s area. We have a good collaboration with both the school and the two other preschools that all share the same principal, which makes a lot possible for us. We get more colleagues by collaborating with more of the small units. It's fun that I, who work at a small rural preschool in the small municipality of Aneby, can be noticed nationally in this way,” says a happy Malin Gummesson.

Malin Gummesson at the award ceremony with a diploma and flowers in her hands.

Malin Gummesson was awarded as preschool ‘powerhouse’. Photo: Marcus Gustafsson

Good memories from HLK

Malin Gummesson started studying the preschool teacher program directly after high school in 2015. She graduated in January 2019. After her studies, she got a job at the preschool Galaxen in Eksjö municipality, where she worked for six months. After that, she started working at Vireda Preschool in Aneby municipality, where she still works.

“I look back on my years at HLK and JU as a positive experience. There were many fine and wise teachers and lecturers. I took with me a backpack filled with different experiences that I have great use for in my professional role today,” she says.

Malin would like to congratulate the current student teachers and those who are considering applying for preschool teacher program on making a very good choice, as they will get to work in the best job in the world.

“I would also like to advise you to soak up all the knowledge and inspiration that is offered in various forms. You will benefit so much from it in your professional role going forward,” says Malin Gummesson.

Criteria for nomination:

- Through their commitment and knowledge, the person has succeeded in inspiring both colleagues and children.

- The person has contributed to increased goal fulfillment in one or more areas of the preschool's operations. For example, through creativity, relational competence, subject knowledge, leadership qualities, communication skills.

- The person has pedagogical education – qualified preschool teacher, childminder or principal.


Motivation of the jury:

This year's preschool powerhouse ensures that preschools in rural areas are at the forefront and make things happen in the organisation. She is a "doer" who leads learning groups and gets to grips with fixing practical things - like burying a rowing boat on the farm in a project about water or, together with her team, planning a work evening with guardians to change the outdoor environment. This year's powerhouse takes responsibility for the whole and is happy to assist other preschools in the area when they need help. In this way, she sees the common thread in all three preschools within her school unit, and, together with the principal, has drawn up a strategic plan for development within the entire preschool area. She supervises students during their teacher training placement, which promotes her own as well as the student's and the entire team's development.

With her drive, energy and commitment, Malin Gummesson favors the development and achievement of goals both in her own preschool and in the entire principal area - for the good of the children. She is a true preschool powerhouse!