Mats Jägstam becomes Vice President at Jönköping University

Mats Jägstam is appointed Vice President at Jönköping University as of 15 September 2016. Mats Jägstam is today Dean and Managing Director at the School of Engineering at Jönköping University.

Mats Jägstam will as Vice President initially focus on external partnerships and collaboration platforms.

“It was a great success that Jönköping University in June was approved by the Knowledge Foundation as a KK-environment, an integrated research and education environment within knowledge-intensive product development in close cooperation with industry. The is a long term work and with Mats Jägstam as Vice President, we can secure the necessary stability and continuity for the initiative and for further collaboration platforms. Mats Jägstam has done an excellent job as Dean/MD of the School of Engineering for four years and has previous experience from working on the vice chancellor level with external collaboration and internationalization”, says Anita Hansbo.

Mats Jägstam will enter the new position as Vice President on 15 September.

“I look forward to working on a group level with collaboration platforms, relations with external partners and the incredibly important role the university has for the business community and society in general”, says Mats Jägstam.

New Dean and Managing Director at the School of Engineering is as of 15 September Ingrid Wadskog, currently head of the Department of Industrial Engineering at the School of Engineering. Joakim Brobäck, Operations Manager, becomes Vice Dean/MD.