About the Journal of Media Business Studies (JOMBS)

Founded by MMTC, the Journal of Media Business Studies is a peer-referred journal published four times a year. It is devoted to research on business aspects of media including strategic, organizational, financial, marketing, and entrepreneurial issues and practices. Its purpose is to convey research that develops, tests, and applies theories and business analysis approaches to managerial and economic aspects of media enterprises and the issues confronted by media businesses.

The journal has a particular focus on contemporary issues faced by media firms. The editors are interested in topics including strategic problems of media in mature industries, growth strategies and management for emergent media operations, company renewal and rejuvenation processes, effectiveness of different types of corporate governance in media, best practices in organizational structures and operations of media firms, leadership in media enterprises, and issues of small- and mid-sized media and family-owned media businesses.

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Contact: jombs@ju.se