Press Conference / Seminar

Research project “Sweden-China Bridge - Creating A Collaborative Academic Platform for Electrification of Transportation Systems”

The report ”EXPLORING BATTERY-SWAPPING FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES IN CHINA 1.0” is a comprehensive 110 pages report exploring the battery-swapping, its history, development from pilot stage to national strategy and demonstrates how Chinese actors are working on technology development and commercialization, establishing a new eco-system and new business models for battery-swapping solutions.

DATE: Friday 16th April.

TIME: 13:00 – 14:00 local time.

LANGUAGE: Swedish.

ZOOM: Meeting ID: 569 685 0617 /

Journalists and researchers are invited to a press meeting / seminar where the research team will present the research and report on Exploring battery-swapping for electric vehicles in China 1.0, describe research activities for 2021 and forthcoming publications, e.g. on

  • Battery-swapping for heavy-duty vehicles & buses in China 1.0
  • Status of battery technology In China
  • Status of hydrogen technology in China
  • Status of inductive charging in China
  • Transformation of Shenzhen city to world leading electrified city
  • Hybrid electrification of Shanghai

Please note that the press conference will be in Swedish.

MMTC member Professor Tomas Müllern and MMTC affiliated researcher Jasmine Lihua Liu, are engaged in this project. Contact Tomas Müllern ( for more information. 

Press contact:

Mike Danilovic, Ph.D.

Professor of Industrial Management Innovation and Technology Management.

Halmstad University

+46708157588 (Sweden) | +8613761129945 (China)


Contact Tomas Müllern for more information about the project.