• New project focussed on Women in Retail receives funding for a total of 3.6million SEK (over 3 years).

    Congratulations to MMTC member Lucia Naldi Opens in new window. who is the project manager for a research project on Women in Retail which was recently approved for funding by Hakan Swenson Stiftelse for a total of 3 625 274 SEK (over 3 years). Lucia will work together with our Jönköping International Business School colleagues and project members Magdalena Markowska External link, opens in new window. and Helena Nilsson External link, opens in new window..A paradox constrains the growth of retailing in Sweden and worldwide. While more than half of the new firms in retail are started by women, these firms tend to be smaller and grow less than those started by men. To address this paradox, the project focuses on three equally critical issues.1 - It examines why women decide to start a retail firm and how their family situation affects and is affected by this decision.2 - The project explores what characterizes the retail firms started and run by women in terms of location, size, and growth prospects.3 - It explores what distribution channels (online, physical store, or combinations of the two) women entrepreneurs choose and what are the growth implications of these choices.

  • Leona Achtenhagen on P4 (Jönköping radio)

    MMTC Director, Leona Achtenhagen, has been interviewed on P4 radio Jönköping about the Esports Reseach Network Conference taking place at Jönköping International Business School.
  • MMTC member Sam Lu's recent tv interview

    How Significant is Government Outsourcing?