MFA Multifactor Authentication (two-step verification) is used to access your JU account from private / external computers and mobile devices. For example, MFA means that when you want to reach Outlook Online or files in OneDrive from your private computer, you need to perform an extra action to log in.

MFA Multifactor authentication or two-step verification, which it is also called, means that as an extra security measure you use two verification steps. Entering the password as the first step, you then need to perform the next step, which may for example be to answer a machine-dialed call to your mobile phone and (press #) to confirm the login.

MFA must be renewed after 7 days. If the MFA is not renewed, the apps/programs stop retrieving information from JU and notifications about new events stop coming.


If someone gets hold of your password, they will still not gain access your account in Office 365, because you must perform the second step yourself when someone tries to log in to your account from an external device.

There are a couple of different authentication methods for MFA which you can choose between and later change if you want.

If you use a JU Mac you have to "enroll" the Mac to except it from MFA. Configure MFA first, and then you can enroll your JU-Mac following this MacOS manual Pdf, 711.7 kB, opens in new window..