Civilekonom programme (Civilekonomprogrammet) 240 ECTS (180 ECTS first cycle and 60 ECTS second cycle)

This programme is only open for Swedish speaking applicants.

The Civilekonom programme is a four-year programme that leads on to the Swedish Civilekonom degree, the English translation being Master of Science in Business and Economics. This degree is held high in esteem by employers in Sweden and elsewhere in Scandinavia. 

For the degree Master of Science in Business and Economics students must demonstrate knowledge and skills needed for qualified and independent work within business administration and economics.

All students study a minimum of 135 credits in their major subject (business administration or economics), 30 credits in their minor (business administration or economics), 15 credits of business statistics and 15 credits of business law.

Most courses are given in English and are studied together with international students. The exception is the courses based upon Swedish law that are given in Swedish.

All students are offered the possibility to study abroad for one or two semesters. Students conclude the programme with a 30-credits thesis written in their major subject.

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