We regularly host Ph.D. students to spend a visiting research period at JIBS in our rich research environment with the goal contributing to the development of family business and ownership research.


UPDATE (September 2021): We accept applications!

The visiting students are part of the academic life of the CeFEO. We currently accept visits for periods between 1 to 6 months.

Doctoral students actively participate to the research seminars and workshop organized by the centre and present their research project in a CeFEO Seminar organized during the visiting period. The visiting student have access to JU Library resources and receive an office space for the time of the visit.

CeFEO does not finance or provide any grant to the visiting student. The entire cost of the visit should be covered by the visiting student and their own university.

Faculty members are invited to consider the CeFEO Visiting Scholars program.

Interested candidates can submit the following information to CeFEO Director, Massimo Baù:

  • Motivation letter describing their interest on family business or ownership topics
  • Letter of endorsement from their supervisor
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Doctoral proposal (or an outline of the thesis)
  • Publications (if any)
  • Suggested period for the visit

CeFEO Visiting PhD Students

In September 2021, we started a new visiting program for PhD Students.

For the duration of their visits, doctoral students receives a CeFEO Affiliation, spelled out as “Visiting PhD Student at Centre for Family Entrepreneurship and Ownership (CeFEO); Jönköping International Business School (JIBS), Sweden”, and they have full access to the resources of the centre and the opportunity to engage in a meaninful conversation with the CeFEO members.


  • Lien Vekemans (Hasselt University, Belgium)
    CeFEO Visiting PhD Student from 2022-01-10 to 2021-02-13.
  • Emmadonata Carbone (University of Naples Federico II, Italy)
    CeFEO Visiting PhD Student from 2021-09-01 to 2021-12-31.
  • Mansoor Ahmed (Università degli Studi G. d'Annunzio Chieti e Pescara, Italy)
    CeFEO Visiting PhD Student from 2021-11-01 to 2022-04-31.


To know more about CeFEO Visiting programs and for questions, please contact CeFEO Director Massimo Baù External link, opens in new window..