CeFEO is open to collaborations with entrepreneurial families, companies and institutions. We aim at co-creating commissioned research, education and outreach initiatives, that will mutually benefit CeFEO and our partners.

Are you interested in becoming a CeFEO sponsor and partner? Please contact CeFEO Co-Director  Massimo Baù.

The largest benefactor that made it possible to launch and sustain the development of CeFEO from its fundation in 2005 and until 2016 is Carl-Olof and Jenz Hamrin's Foundation located in Jönköping. We are deeply grateful for their generosity and commitment toward the centre. 

Another foundation that sponsored CeFEO is the Henry and Sylvia Toft Foundation, currently financing one doctoral position. 


Moreover, CeFEO collaborates with several partners in different ways to foster development and diffusion of family business knowledge. We aim at establishing a beneficial collaboration from both parties, the Centre and our partners. The partners contribute with resources in order to support CeFEO's current operations and future development and growth. CeFEO conducts commissioned research, education and collaborate in outreach initiatives, in collaboration with the partners.