3.6 million from the Hakon Swenson Foundation for researching women in retail

A CeFEO project investigating female entrepreneurship in the retail sector, exploring family influence, location, size, growth and distribution channels.

The research team is formed by CeFEO members Lucia Naldi (principal investigator) and Magdalena Markowska, and by one more colleague at JIBS, Helena Nilsson. The project has a duration of 3 years, and the Hakon Swenson Foundation finances it with 3.6MSEK.

Women in Retail

The research focuses is on women in retail within Sweden in relation to three critical issues:

  1. why women decide to start a retail firm and how their family situation affects and is affected by this decision;
  2. what characterizes the retail firms started and ran by women in terms of location, size, and growth prospects;
  3. what distribution channels (online, physical store, or combinations of the two) women entrepreneurs choose and what are the growth implications of these choices.