JIBS Case Competition Team prepares for a challenge in Vermont

Jönköping International Business School and its CeFEO - Center for Family and Ownership - is sponsoring a team that will be competing in the 2nd Global Family Enterprise Case Competition, 8-11 January, 2014, at the University of Vermont, Vermont, Burlington, USA.

Out of a large number of strong applications, we have selected four master
students: Alina Greinert, Christian Saur, Petra Vretenar and Sanna Persson who will serve on the team. The preparations for the competition has already started.

The team meets regularly to work and  practice on different family business cases,  and to discuss theories and models of family businesses.The Director of CeFEO, Professor Mattias Nordqvist, is serving as the coach of the team. This is the second time JIBS/CeFEO participates in the competition, last year the team won its division and came 4th in the final.