A JIBS team participates in the 1st Global Family Enterprise Case Competition (FECC), at the University of Vermont in Burlington, USA

JIBS, CeFEO and the ESOL department has sent a team consisting of four master students, Erna Esa, Anton Korityak, Steffen Meier and Matthias Waldkirch, to compete in the first Family Enterprise Case Competition (FECC). The team coaches are Professor Mattias Nordqvist and Professor Ethel Brundin who have worked with the team during November, December and January to prepare for the competition. Mattias is joining the team in Vermont for the competition which takes place during January 9-12, 2013. The JIBS team is sponsored by the Dean Johan Roos, the ESOL department and CeFEO.

In total there are 16 teams from Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia in this competition, which is the first ever case competition uniquely focused on family enterprise issues.  

See all the teams here.

The Family Enterprise Case Competition will be an annual event that will showcase both the best of current family business case writing as well as case analysis.

The winning team will receive the UVM Family Enterprise Cup and $2500.

The division winners will receive $1000 per team.

Each winner of the UVM Family Enterprise Case Writing Competition will receive $2000.

The competition starts on Wednesday January 9 in the afternoon when all the participating teams will present their analysis and recommendations related to a case which they received one week prior.  There will be several cases during this competition.

The team and the coaches are very proud to represent JIBS in this exciting global case competition.

For more information, visit the University of Vermonts website.