TEAM 2021/2022

JU Solar Team consists of 15 students from Jönköping University. As we come from different faculties at JU, School of Engineering and International Business School, we create a diversity of skill-sets, such as within engineering and business. We believe in combining forces to facilitate the work and tasks within the different areas of construction and marketing of the solar car.

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Team Manager

Johan Josefsson

"It is not about putting yourself first, rather focusing on the team as a whole."

Team Leader is a heavy role to carry on your shoulders. It requires being responsive, patient and a problem solver like no other. It is also about being able to create job satisfaction, as well as to increase the creativity and motivation of the members. Being able to lead 14 other students in the right direction, while acting as a link between the team and the project leader, is a challenge.


What does it mean to be a part of this part of the team?

Many different characteristics are required for a solar car with a weight of about 200 kg, to be able to drive 3000 km. The chassis team's main task is to create a stable chassis with the right strength that will fit into the design created by those responsible for aerodynamics and the design, also called the body of the car. Chassis includes frame construction, wheel suspension, and drivetrain. Other responsibilities the sub-team has are brakes and steering. All these parts together will need to contribute to the car's good road properties to reach the finish line safely.

Johan Josefsson

Team Manager & Mechanical Engineer

Rasmus Brask-Nilsen

Head Mechanical Engineer


Erik Fagerberg

Project Planner & Mechanical Engineering

Eric Pettersson

Mechanical Engineer

Jonatan Magnusson

Mechanical Engineer

Aerodynamics & Design

What does it mean to be a part of this part of the team?

A design of the car that meets all the criteria of the competition, but at the same time is optimized to reduce air resistance and keep a low weight, is one of the toughest tasks in the project to achieve. This sub-team does not only have the main task of designing a winning car, but also lays the foundation for everyone else on the team. Aerodynamics and design also includes all body details such as the opening mechanism of the plane for the solar panels, the canopy, and the positioning of the lamps. This team is used to work with minimal margins and pushing the boundaries.

Alvin Södergren

Aerodynamics Engineer

Oskar Ogarp

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer

Rasmus Wickström

Aerodynamics Engineer & Graphic Design


What does it mean to be a part of this part of the team?

The solar panels and a functioning underlying electrical system are of the utmost importance for the solar car to be able to meet the challenge, and this is one of the most important tasks our electrical team has. In addition to a working solar plane, electricity is responsible for all lights to work, for the car to have a battery that does not overheat in Australia's climate and the driving strategy, where everything must work together for the car to function as energy-efficiently as possible, which is important for being competitive in the competition.

Isac Sélea

Head Electrical Engineer


Benjamin Fodor

Electrical, Mechanical Engineer & Visual Content

Petter Ydrestrand

Electrical & Mechanical Engineer

Josef Vernersson

Mechatronics Engineer

Marketing, External Relations & Logistics

What does it mean to be a part of this part of the team?

Marketing is about building a brand and showing who JU Solar Team is, not only for partners but also for people who have an interest in technology and innovation. Logistics is what takes us and the car to our destinations, this in a way that is as sustainable as possible. Read more about sustainability here. The last part is about building relationships with external parties who share our values, contribute with the right skills and support us in the work we do is invaluable for developing the project as a whole.

Sandra Sernelin Ahlsén

Marketing & External Relations

Sofia Östangård

Marketing & External Relations


Erika Willumsen

Marketing & External Relations