Appreciated visit by prof. Dawn Stacey

This week Professor Dawn Stacey from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute in Canada has visited Jönköping Academy.

Felicia Gabrielsson-Järhult (JA), Kristina Areskoug-Josefsson (JA), Dawn Stacey and Berith Hedberg (JA)

Professor Stacey is a Full Professor in the School of Nursing and Senior Scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, where she is Director of the Patient Decision Aids Research Group. Her research is focused on advancing the Science of Knowledge Translation to patients.

During her visit she has presented her research for the Master students, the teaching staff and the members of IMPROVE. She has also been introduced to the Nursing Program both the undergraduate and graduate level as well as how the School of Health and Welfare work with international relationships. Contact person for this visit is Berith Hedberg (berith.hedberg@ju.se).

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