A Model for Linking Continual Improvement to get Exemplary Care

A group of researchers and practitioners, of which one is the Jönköping Academy, have cooperated in creating a model for how learning and care are interlinked. The article is now published in Academic Medicine.

The group is a geographical and scientifical blend from Jönköping Academy, Jönköping County Council, Dartmouth Medical School, Lehigh Valley Health Network, University of Minnesota and University of Missouri. The article is in press at the journal Academic Medicine. One of the authors is Pär Höglund, physician and post-doc fellow at the Jönköping Academy for Improvement of Health and Welfare and the Jönköping County Council.

The group has grounded it´s theory on Batalden & Davidoffs´ model on linked aims of improvement in the system, the profession and the patient outcome. The authors have to the core added five elements of exemplary care and learning sites. These elements are:
• Leaders knowing, valuing and practicing improvement
• Patients and families perspectives and feedback, essential for the work process
• Health professionals are engaging in and teaching about improvement
• Data transforming into useful information — performance feedback
• Learners in care and improvement in the daily work

These elements depend on a context with a supportive environment, supportive leaders and an improvement and learning culture. The article was recently published in Academic Medicine, issue 11, and has already gain lots of attention. Further information is given by Pär Höglund.

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