Research seminar

Paul Batalden och Mary Dixon-Woods - understanding improvement work, Sep 28

One of the world's most successful improvement works within healthcare was made at 100 intensive care units in the state of Michigan, US. But to be able to use the knowledge from such a change one must understand how the changes work - a positive change in one unit might not automatically lead to a positive change - an improvement - in another setting. This understanding is not only important to researchers, but to coworkers and decisionmakers trying to learn from others.

Meat Professor Paul Batalden from the Dartmouth Institute and Jönköping Academy together with Professor Mary Dixon-Woods from University of Leicester, when they are attending a seminar in Jönköping on this theme; to understand the mechanisms of improvement work.

On September 28 at 12.30-16.00 pm we meet at the School of Health Sciences, Ga334. We will start with a soup lunch and the afternoon will contain both lecturing and group discussions. The seminar is free of charge, but we need you to register before Sep 19. The seminar will be held in English.

Read the invitationPDF (pdf, 233.5 kB).

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