Helene Ahl

Professor of Business Administration

Helene Ahl is Professor and Research Director of the research programme Lifelong Learning at the School of Education and Communication, which comprises about ten senior scholars and doctoral students. Ahl is most well known for her critical, feminist analysis of research on women’s entrepreneurship. Her research also includes work on motivation and adult learning, empowerment, gender in higher education and feminist analyses of government policy for women’s entrepreneurship. At present she leads the research project Embla, on feminist perspectives on entrepreneurship and growth, financed by the Swedish Research Council. Ahl has also evaluated a number of gender mainstreaming programs, and is often engaged as an expert on gender issues.

Read more about Helene Ahl's research here.

  • Ahl, H., Hedegaard, J., Golding, B. (2017). How the Men’s Shed idea travels to Scandinavia. 57(3), 316-333 More information
  • Ahl, H., Marlow, S. (2017). Gendering entrepreneurship: have the sisters done for themselves?. More information
  • Ahl, H., Berglund, K., Pettersson, K., Sköld, B., Tillmar, M. (2017). Entrepreneurship in rural areas: The role of women?. More information
  • Ahl, H., Marlow, S. (2017). Postfeminist times: New opportunities or business as usual?. More information
  • Ahl, H., Berglund, K., Pettersson, K., Tillmar, M. (2017). Women’s entrepreneurship in rural areas: A literature review. More information

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Helene Ahl - professor of Business Administration


E-mail: helene.ahl@ju.se
Phone: +46(0)36-10 14 44