About this project

With a point of departure in peoples’ everyday lives, the ethnographic project DIP, Digitalization Initiatives, and Practices, focuses on agency at macro, meso and micro scales with respect to digitalization in schools. One central issue of interest is practitioners’, both students’ and teachers’, experiences of and attitudes towards digitalization in schools. Another central issue of interest is shifts in policy that leads to digitalization initiatives and implementation processes. Project DIP aims to elucidate the participants’ roles in the digitalization of Swedish schools, but also to elucidate the policy processes that lead to digitalization initiatives. By tracing policy documents, and by following local school managers, headmasters, teachers and students, a local policy implementation is currently being mapped. The ethnographic fieldwork is primarily being conducted in different school settings, and is being complemented with netnographic documentary studies. The data material that is currently being generated consists of video recordings, digital photos, field notes, documents and informal interviews. The analysis is inspired by a socio-cultural perspective on communication and learning. Project DIP aims to contribute with knowledge about power structures and practices concerning the policy process of, and peoples’ work with, digitalization in school settings. Project DIP was initiated in the spring of 2017.

Project DIP peer-reviewed international publications

Almén, L. & Bagga-Gupta, S., chapter proposal accepted in July 2017 for the international volume Virtual Sites as Learning Spaces (ViLS). Critical issues on languaging research in changing eduscapes in the 21st century.Word

Project DIP international peer-reviewed conferences presentations

Almén, L. & Bjursell, C., High school students access to digital tools in education.Word Paper presented at the 9th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies (Edulearn17) in Barcelona, Spain, 3 – 5 July 2017


Lars Almén, doctoral candidate in Education, School of Education and Communication, Jönköping University

Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta, professor in Education, School of Education and Communication, Jönköping University

Cecilia Bjursell, professor in Education, School of Education and Communication, Jönköping University

Giulia Messina Dahlbergexternal link, opens in new window, researcher, Faculty of Education, Gothenburg University