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MMTC is proud to host the upcoming conference of the Esports Research Network - ERNC22. With sustainability being a paramount topic in today’s society, this conference will focus on esports sustainability, or the ability of esports to keep developing and maintain the opportunities it presents for a better society. Creating a sustainable esports ecosystem goes beyond the economic perspective but requires the inclusion of social and environmental aspects (Nyström et al. 2022). ERNC22 will be held in Jönköping, the ‘City of DreamHack’ one of the most influential cities in esports history and for grassroot esports (McCauley et al. 2020). For all details see the ERNC22 conference webpage External link, opens in new window.

Important Dates

Onsite at Jönköping International Business School from the 21st - 23rd Nov. 2022

Abstract Submissions Deadline: August 19th 2022

Registration deadline: 15th October 2022

For further information contact Conference chair: Dr Brian McCauley