The Prosperity Institute of Scandinavia target audience is the global scholarly community and the following groups;

International: Business and policy makers, primarily in Europe, but also across the world.

National: Government, executive branch departments and boards, and business leadership.

Regional: Municipalities, economic developers, and arts, cultural, and educational organizations.

Change Agents: Entrepreneurs and leaders making an impact at all levels.

The Prosperity Institute is carrying out rigorous research to deepen the understanding of creative processes on the  macro-, meso- and micro- levels, and develop the policy tools necessary to analyze and advance economic prosperity. The aim is to provide a better understanding for creative regions´, industries and talent, as well as the connection between those different units.

The Institute disseminates its ideas through publications, forums and the focused training of leaders across all sectors, and it develops policy recommendations to regional, national, and international decision makers.

For more information about these activities, please contact
Charlotta Mellander ( or
Martin Andersson (

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