Media management in an environment like this has to respond to highly competitive markets characterised by speed, innovation and surprise. To react quickly, it is necessary to transform the management of organisational structures, operations and cultures of most media companies. This is certain to enable managers to take entrepreneurial initiatives relevant to customers and the company. The imperatives for effective company management, renewal and entrepreneurship affect media companies of all sizes.

Research Objectives

The JIBS MMT Centre was established to research theories, strategies,and best practices in media management. This is intended to help leaders of media firms improve the competitiveness and sustainability of their enterprises in a dynamic environment. The centre is designed to become the world leader in research on market dynamics, business economics, strategic management, organisational behaviour, entrepreneurship, knowledge management, and leadership of publishing, broadcasting, and new media content firms.

Research Areas

The centre focuses on questions involving changes in media market structures, transformation and restructuring of media industries. Other topics include the blurring of boundaries traditionally separating media activities and strategic problems of media as mature industries. Internationalisation processes and issues, growth strategies and management of emerging media operations are other fields. Research will handle issues of control and corporate governance, core competencies of media firms and media enterprises as knowledge creation organisations. Finally, the centre focuses on best practices in organisational structures and operations, covering areas such as corporate renewal, characteristics of leadership in media enterprises, and issues of SME media and family-owned media businesses.

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