Leona Achtenhagen

Professor, Business Administration, Director of MMTC

Leona researches about media firms from a range of perspectives including strategy, entrepreneurship, and organization studies.

Daved Barry

Visiting Professor of
Creative Organization

Daved's research focuses on how design, the arts, and studio methods can improve leadership, innovation, organizing, and problem solving

Adele Berndt

Associate Professor, Marketing

Adele’s specialties include consumer behavior and marketing. CVPDF (pdf, 54.2 kB).

Christofer Laurell

Assistant Professor, Business Administration

Christofer’s research focuses on institutional pressures created by the rise of social media and its associated implications for marketing.

Nicola Lucchi

Associate Professor, Law

Nicola's research and academic interests focus on comparative information law and policy and the interaction between law and innovation. CVPDF (pdf, 133.5 kB).

Rolf A. Lundin

Professor Emeritus, Business Administration

Rolf is the former Dean of JIBS, and his research interests include project management and temporary organizations.

Agostino Manduchi

Associate Professor, Economics

Agostino's main research focus is the economic analysis of the strategic interactions between market agents.

Stefan Melesko

Associate Professor, Media Economics

Stefan conducts executive education for the media industry, and researches about M&A and financial issues in the media sector, as well as the development of regional and local daily press.

Mart Ots

Associate Professor, Business Administration

Mart is a graduate from MMTC at JIBS where he obtained his PhD. His research focuses on marketing, advertising and media policy.

Henry Lopez Vega

Assistant Professor,
Business Administration

Henry's research contributes to the burgeoning discussions on the implementation of open innovation, ecosystem management, digital business creation and foreign R&D investments.

Crystal Abidin

Postdoctoral Fellow

Crystal's research focuses on influencers and internet celebrity culture in Sweden, Australia, Singapore, and East Asia. Her current projects investigate self-branding, vernacular Internet cultures, and social media commerce. She received her PhD in Social Sciences from University of Western Australia.

Doctoral Candidates

Joaquín Cestino

Joaquín focuses on business model innovation in the media sector. He has a long professional experience in leading FMCG firms and legacy media. CVPDF (pdf, 171 kB).

Songming Feng

Songming's research interests include experiential consumption, tourism marketing, and content marketing.

Sari Virta

Sari's research interest stems from practical media management work and concerns creativity and innovation in media organizations and their networks.

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Affiliated Researchers

Erika Arevalo

Doctoral Candidate, Business Administration, Jönköping International Business School

Erika’s research interests include consumer behavior and branding, and her dissertation focuses on Place Branding and its relation with social media.

Cristobal Benavide

Vice Dean, Faculty of Communication, University de Los Andes, Santiago (Chile)

Cristobal was a Visiting Professor at MMTC in 2013, and is the Director of MMTC’s South America Center. His main research interests include media management, innovation, and leadership.

Stuart N. Brotman

International Communications/ Media Lawyer and Management Consultant

Stuart is an international communications and media lawyer, management consultant, and government policymaker. He is also the inaugural Howard Distinguished Endowed Professor of Media Management and Law and Beaman Professor of Communication and Information at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in the U.S.

Karl Erik Gustafsson

Professor Emeritus, Business Administration, Jönköping International Business School

Karl Erik is a co-founder of MMTC and Professor Emeritus. He used to hold a professorship in Mass Media Economics at MMTC, with research interests in the structure and economics of the newspaper industry in Sweden and across Europe.

Min Hang

Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University (China)

Min Hang obtained her PhD from MMTC at JIBS, focusing on leadership and entrepreneurship in media. She is the Director of MMTC’s East Asia Center.

Benjamin Hartmann

Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Gothenburg

Benjamin’s award-winning research explores the nexus of consumer culture, marketing, and media. He obtained his PhD from JIBS and was a former researcher at MMTC.

Hamid Jafari

Assistant Professor, Logistics, School of Engineering (JTH) at Jönköping University

Hamid specializes in Retailing and Supply Chain Management. He obtained his PhD in Business Administration from JIBS and is currently involved in a research project financed by The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Development Council (HUR) focusing on the use of smartphones in shopping. His interests include multi-channel retailing and distribution, and retail innovation.

Anette Johansson

Assistant Professor, Industrial Management, School of Engineering (JTH) at Jönköping University

Anette's specialties include decision making under uncertainties with a particular focus on innovation and entrepreneurship in established organizations. She obtained her PhD from MMTC at JIBS, focusing on approaches to innovation in the magazine sector.

Arne H. Krumsvik

Head of Department, Dept. of Media and Communication, University of Oslo (Norway)

Arne is also Adjunct Professor at Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology. His research interests include media management, innovation, journalism, media policy, strategy, and governance.

Robert G. Picard

North American Representative, Reuters Institute, University of Oxford

Robert is the founding director of MMTC and Professor of Media Economics. He is a specialist and expert on media economics and policy, and researches about the business challenges facing media in the digital age.

Olof Brunninge

Associate Professor in Business Administration, Jönköping International Business School

Olof earned his doctoral degree from JIBS with a dissertation "Organisational self-understanding and the strategy process". His main research interests include strategic management, organizational identity, family business, and social memory in media firms and other types of organisations.

Anna Rosengren

Assistant Professor, School of Engineering, Jönköping University

The research of Anna focuses on the intersection between openness and privacy. She has received funds from the Swedish Research Foundation (Vetenskapsrådet) and studies the potential impact on privacy of the Swedish Freedom of the Press Act.

Patrik Wikström

Principal Research Fellow, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology (Australia)

Patrik’s research is primarily focused on innovation and learning in the creative industries. He used to be an Associate Professor at MMTC, researching strategic management issues in multinational music companies.

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Alumni – Graduates with PhD

Min Hang 2007
Dissertation: Media Business Venturing: A Study on the Choice of Organizational Mode

Aldo Van Weezel 2009
Dissertation: Entrepreneurial Strategy-Making Mode and Performance: A study of the Newspaper Industry

Leon Barkho 2009
Dissertation: Strategies of Power in Multilingual Global Broadcasters: How the BBC, CNN and Aljazeera Shape Their Middle East News Discourse

Mart Ots 2010
Dissertation: Understanding Value Formation: A Study of Marketing Communications Practices at the Food Retailer ICA

Elena Raviola 2010
Dissertation: Paper Meets Web: How the Institution of News Production Works on Paper and Online

Maria Norbäck, 2012
Dissertation: Making Public Service Television: A study of institutional work in collaborative TV productions

Benjamin Hartmann, 2013
Dissertation: Consumption and Practice: Unfolding Consumptive Moments and the Entanglement with Productive Aspects

Berit Hartmann, 2013
Dissertation: Bridging the GAAP: IFRS in accounting practice

Anette Johansson, 2014
Dissertation: Ways forward: Effectual and causal approaches to innovation in the Swedish magazine industry

Zehra Sayed, 2016
Dissertation: Postcolonial Perspective on International Knowledge Transfer and Spillover to Indian News Media: From Institutional Duality to Third Space

Sara Ekberg, 2017
Dissertation: The role of organizational integrity in responses to pressures: A case study of Australian newspapers

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