Visibility in media and public discussions

Visibility in media and public discussions

On April 10, 2017, technology portal Robotics Research posted an article about MMTC's research projects, DPer News, DATAMINE and Digital Business Innovation Studio, with the title “Can robots write meaningful news?”. Weblink:

On November 17, 2015 at Stockholm, MMTC center director Mart Ots debated about the shrinking advertising revenues for editorial media in an event arranged by the Newspaper Publishers Association (TU) and SiMo.

In 2015, Associate Professor Stefan Melesko gave public debates/moderated discussions called upon as an expert on:

  • The implications of content marketing and native advertising on media-editorially and commercially -Publicistklubben i Göteborg.
  • MittMedia Strategies - effects on regional newspaper industry structure - Publicistklubben i Södra Norrland.
  • “Media ownership presently and in the future” - Halls hörna

On November 17, 2015, at a panel debate in Stockholm hosted by Tidningsutgivarna (the Swedish Newpaper Publishers' Association) and the research institute SIMO, MMTC center director Mart Ots discussed the causes and remedies for the declining advertising revenues for legacy news media.

In December 2014, PhD candidate Sari Virta was interviewed about her research on Sveriges Radio, Sisuradio.

In October 2014, MMTC center director Mart Ots initiated a debate on the status of Swedish media policy and invited a handful of Sweden’s most well-known media scholars including Jesper Strömbäck, Lars Nord, Ingela Wadbring and Lennart Weibull, to author a point-of-view article published on the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN), entitled “Stop growing media gap for the sake of our democracy”. On the same topic, Mart Ots was cited in Medievärlden, Dagens Media, Journalisten and Dagens Opinion. Weblink of article:

In October 2014, the magazine Entré did an article on Anette Johansson (former PhD candidate, affiliated researcher)’s dissertation research “Tidskriftsbranschen i förändring – Magkänslan visar vägen”.

In April 2014, MMTC center director Mart Ots discussed the closing of local news stations on the P1 Morgon show and P4Eftermiddag.

In December 2013, MMTC center director Mart Ots appeared on Rapport and Aktuellt, and was interviewed by Sveriges Radio P4, and Jönköpings Posten about research on shopping and advertising.

In October 2013, MMTC center director Mart Ots was interviewed about newspaper paywalls by Journalisten, and about the necessity of academic footprint in society by TV4.

In September 2013, MMTC center director Mart Ots wrote debate articles about the academic perspective on the Press Subsidy Investigation in Svenska Dagbladet and in Medievärlden. On the same topic, he was interviewed for Ekonominyheterna TV4, P1 Medierna and his opinions were cited in Journalisten, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, DN, and Arbetarbladet.

Over the years, Associate Professor Stefan Melesko has appeared or was quoted concerning topics of media industry changes and trends in these media outlets: Dagspressens Ekonomi, Presstödsnämnden, Dagens Media, Medievärlden, Sveriges Radio, Norrländska Socialdemokraten, Västerbottens Folkblad /Västerbottens Kuriren, and Børsen (Denmark).

Over the years, Benjamin Hartmann (former PhD candidate, affiliated researcher) and Mart Ots (center director) were both interviewed in radio and magazines about the role of mobile phones in shopping and advertising.