Grants, stipends and awards

Grants, stipends and awards

In December, 2016 MMTC PhD Candidate, Joaquín Cestino, received the Hedelius stipend from Handelsbanken of 218 000 SEK. The purpose of the stipend is to finance a research visit at The Rutgers Advanced Institute for the Study of Entrepreneurship and Development (RAISED), US.

In December 2016, MMTC team, Daved Barry, Mart Ots, Anette Johansson and Ulf Johansson, was awarded nearly 4,8 million SEK by KK (The Knowledge Foundation of Sweden) for the project “DPer News – A studio approach to news personalization”. The project involves the media company Hallpressen and the IT company Infomaker, and is within the focus area “managerial and organizational consequences of robotization”.

In November 2016 MMTC researchers Daved Barry, Mart Ots, and Henry Lopez-Vega received a 1,2 million SEK grant for the Digital Business Innovation Studio (DBIS) initiative from the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova. DBIS focuses on creating new digital business solutions, and on using digital tools to interconnect stakeholders across distances and knowledge domains. One of the project goals is to find ways to join “in-the-room” innovation methods (e.g., corporate innovation centers) and “out-of-the-room” methods (e.g., open innovation) and still keep the advantages of both. Henry Lopez-Vega is the project director.

In 2016, MMTC, together with the Computer Science and Informatics at the School of Engineering at Jönköping University, received a funding for the project DATAMINE, which will be conducted among the Jönköping Region County, Jönköping University and the industry from 2017 to 2020. The Project will develop improved methods of data mining and analysis for companies to better their personalization for their offerings, and will develop new algorithms for robot journalism as part of the transformation of the media sector.

In 2016, MMTC was awarded 1,4 million SEK grant from the Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen) to explore digital business transformation, especially the initiative led by professor Daved Barry to build a Digital Business Studio at Jönköping University. The Knowledge Foundation is the research financier for universities with the task of strengthening Sweden's competitiveness and ability to create value.

In 2015, Professor Leona Achtenhagen received a grant from Handelsbanken Forskningsstiftelse to finance a research sabbatical at University of Queensland.

In 2014, Hamid Jafari (former PhD candidate, affiliated researcher), Benjamin Hartmann (former PhD candidate, affiliated researcher), and Mart Ots (center director) won a two-year project grant from the Swedish Retail and Wholesale council (2 million SEK) to study how consumers’ shopping habits change with the use of smartphones.

In 2014, three former PhD candidates of MMTC, Berit Hartmann, Benjamin Hartmann and Anette Johansson, each was awarded the 3-year Wallander postdoc scholarship granted by The Wallander Foundation (Handelsbanken).

In 2014, Anette Johansson (former PhD candidate, affiliated researcher) was awarded a scholarship (1.51 million SEK) from the Society for Swedish Press History to study the history of the Swedish magazine Hemmets Journal since 1921, with a special focus on innovations and the development of an entrepreneurial culture over the years.

In 2014, PhD candidate Sara Ekberg received the Hedelius Travel Stipend from Handelsbanken.

In 2014, Professor Leona Achtenhagen received the Hedelius Travel Stipend from Handelsbanken for research dissemination and exchange.