Introduction: Engagement with external stakeholders – research with practical impact

How We Work

MMTC has a strong network focus - we actively build relationships with stakeholders outside the academic world in order to gain both relevance and impact. We believe very strongly in the idea of having less barriers and more discussions between practitioners and academics – hopefully for the benefit of both sides. Our researchers engage in academic and public debates in ways that impact practice and policy-making. We envision MMTC as:

  • A center that plays a visible and active role in the discussions and activities of important stakeholders (e.g. legislators, politicians, media companies, advertisers, industry organizations);
  • A center that is a helpful and trusted speaking partner for decisions at local, national, and Nordic levels;
  • A center where research is increasingly conducted in collaboration with these stakeholders.

We realize the vision through a variety of forms and approaches – symposiums and events, policy advising, collaborations with companies and organizations, a forthcoming business studio, grant applications, and presence in media and public discussions.