MMTC Worldwide

Centre faculty and staff have worked with educational institutions, governments, media organizations, and media firms across the globe since its founding. Research projects, lectures and presentations, and cooperative endeavors have been carried out in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. In 2008 the centre began expanding its organisation worldwide through the establishment of branch centres designed to serve regional needs.

The branch centres conduct research and training on media business issues, but with a particular focus on regional issues and challenges within the context of the differing cultural and linguistic environment."

MMTC East Asia

Media Management and Transformation Centre East Asia is located at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. The centre carries out the MMTC missions of improving scholarship and practice through conferences and research designed to deal with managerial issues and challenges facing media companies in East Asia. The branch works in local languages and adapts management practices making allowances for organizational and cultural differences in the region. The East Asia branch is headed by Dr. Min Hang.

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Contact: Min Hang

MMTC Latin America

The Latin American branch is located at University of the Andes in Santiago, Chile, and is playing a key role in developing media management education and practice on that continent. The rapidly growing media sector in Latin America faces unique challenges and the branch centre is helping focus research and professional training designed to adapt and improve management practices. MMTC Latin America is headed by Dr. Cristóbal Benavides

Contact: Cristóbal Benavides:

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