The Digitalization of Advertising Media - MMTC Practioner Seminar

With Melike Uzan, head of affiliate marketing at H&M/Monki

Date: Wednesday, 20 March
Time: 12:00 - 13:00
Room: B6046

The seminar will be held by Melike Uzan, the head of affiliate marketing at H&M Monki.

During the seminar, Melike will walk us through the current media landscape through the eyes of a digital marketer, and talk about how and why digital media has taken the place of print marketing ad spend. She will cover subjects such as affiliate marketing, influencer marketing and talk about the future of advertising IRL and URL. The seminar will be filled with examples and stories from her professional career as a digital marketing and affiliate manager. At the end there will be time for questions and discussions.

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