Masters Program in Quality Improvement and Leadership of Health and Welfare

Masters Program in Quality Improvement and Leadership of Health and Welfare

This program is ment for you who wants to contribute to tomorrow's health and welfare. Through this education you will develope a competency for leading and improving the health and social care of the future. The National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) have published the two guidelines Good health care and Good quality within the social care that defines important goals for health and welfare, which is reflected in this education. We learn by doing.

Health and welfare are strongly connected to the changes in our society. Resources, demography, reforms and new steering forms and a fast medical and technical development make new demands on management and leaders; new needs and new challenges call for changed ways of acting.


The first two years are run at half pace, are mostly theoretical studies connected to the experiences of practice, the third year involves a full time conduct of an improvement project in practice. The courses are held at campus gatherings one or two days a month and webbased sessions in between.

Every improvement means a change, but not all changes are improvements. A fundamental part of this education is to increase the students' abilities to make changes that also are improvements.


International collaboration with the Dartmouth Institute and the Dartmouth Medical School, some courses are held in English.


This education gives you a Swedish Masters' Degree on Improvement Knowledge and Leadership of Health and Welfare.

Previous knowledge criteria

Bachelor degree or vocational education 180 hp, 120 p within Care, Medicine, Technology or Social Science/Behavioural Science together with two years of working experience.


  • Improvement Knowledge I & II, 10 hp
  • Forces and inspirations to improvement work, 5 hp
  • The patients/care-taker's perspective, 5 hp
  • System theroy; organising, leading och steering healtcare and social care, 10 hp
  • Quality, measuring and learning, 7,5 hp
  • Care logistics and informatique, 7,5 hp
  • Project work or selected courses, 15 hp
  • Practicum education, 30 hp
  • Examination work, 30 hp

Special selection

Some of the students will be accepted by a special selection. The aim for this is to broaden the possibilities for students well suited for leading tasks. To be approved in this selection the applicant need to:

1. Fulfill the criteria above.
2. Have this education as a first choice in their application.
3. Be seen as well suited for leading and running improvement work within health care and social care.

If you want to apply to the special selection you must do the ordinary application procedure to as well as a written application regarding the special selection sent to Jönköping University, Studerandeenheten, Box 1026, SE-551 11 Jönköping, no later than April 16, 2012. Mark your written application "Special selection" and attach a copy of your formal application to, copies of qualifications you refer to and a special intention declaration (use the form further down).

FormWord (word) for Intention Declaration

Study Councellor

Questions regarding the education? Contact our Study Councellor.