Since 2009 we offer a Masters' Program for practitioners within health and social care. The program is a collaboration between the Jönköping University, the County Council of Jönköping, the municipalities of our region and some other partners, and is unique in its close connection between practice and theory. The basis is Quality Improvement and Leadership within health care and social care. Now you have the opportunity to add to your basic education an Masters' degree that will give you deepened knowledge and skills.

The program is based on the university's acknowledged research within health care, learning, leadership and information technology, together with the County Council's many years of experiences from quality- and improvement work. The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Pactice (US) is also a partner in this collaboration. Professor Paul Batalden has been an important contribution to the development of the program and he is also attending as a lecturer in some of the courses. The KK-foundation funded the development of the program.

Jönköping Academy is also engaged in basic education, courses and research education, where the subject Improvement Knowledge and Leadership is integrated.

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