Senior Council

Satya Brink

Currently works as an International Consultant, Research, Policy Analyses and Strategic Policy Advice at Brink, International Consultant. Brink has worked as Special Advisor, Education Directorate, OECD, Director, National Learning Policy Research at Government of Canada and Researcher at SIB. International Consultant, Research, Policy Analyses and Strategic Policy Advice, Brink, International Consultant. Recent Clients: OECD, Paris, Finnish National Education Evaluation Council, Jyvaskyla, Finland, Sydkustenslanskapsforbund, Helsinki, Finland, Department of Children and Youth Affairs, Dublin, Ireland, Special Advisor, Education Directorate, OECD. OECD: Senior Advisor to the "GPS" Project, Education Directorate, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Paris. Chair, PIAAC (Programme for International Assessment of Adult Competencies), Governing Board. Canadian Government Delegate, Education Policy Committee, OECD. Canadian Delegate, Centre for Education Research and Innovation (CERI), OECD. Canadian Government Delegate, PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) Governing Board.

Peter Jarvis

Emeritus Professor of continuing education. Peter Jarvis is a former head of the Department of Educational Studies and is a former Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Adult Education, University of Georgia, USA. He holds honorary visiting professorships in City University (UK), Pecs University (Hungary) and Tianjin Radio and Television University (China). He is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Nottingham and the University of Southampton. Jarvis is an Academician of Social Sciences - AcSS - and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts – FRSA. He has received honorary doctorates from universities in UK, Finland, Hungary, Greece and Romania. He has received a variety of academic honours, such as: being President of the British Association of International and Comparative Education (BAICE) in the year 1999-2000; the Cyril O Houle World Award for Adult Education Literature from the American Association of Adult and Continuing Education; on two occasions; the Comenius Award - International ESVA Foundation (Outstanding Adult Educator in Europe - First Holder); he was also the first non-North American to be elected to the International Hall of Fame of Adult and Continuing Education in USA, which is located in University of Oklahoma. He was also awarded a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science research fellowship at the University of Tokyo. He was Noted Scholar at the University of British Columbia, and has been a Visiting Professor at the universities of Ljubljana, Pedagogical University of Tallinn, Tennessee, Alaska at Anchorage and Maryland. He is an honorary member of a number of Professional Associations in different parts of the world. He is also a frequent speaker on all aspects of adult education, distance learning and lifelong learning throughout the world, an author of many books and papers and the founding editor of International Journal of Lifelong Education.

Airi Rovio-Johansson

Professor, Educational Sciences She is Professor and Senior Researcher at Gothenburg Research Institute (GRI), School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg. Her research domains are: 1. Students' learning and learning out-comes in higher education and the relatedness between learning and teaching in higher education; 2. Organizational change processes and institutional discursive practices in business and public organizations; 3. Institutional Quality assessment and Quality Assurance methods in higher education. By commission of European University Association (EUA) in Brussels, Belgium, she is acting as an expert evaluator in the "Institutional Evaluation Programme"; offered to members of European University Association. She is also expert evaluator on commission in Norway at the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT) in Oslo and in Lithuania at the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC), in Vilnius. She has been "Visiting Professor" at University of Concepción, Faculty of Education in Chile in 2004 and 2009 and at Copenhagen Business School Learning Lab, Denmark in 2009-2010.

Yukiko Sawano

Yukiko Sawano is currently a Professor of comparative education and lifelong learning at University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo. From 1988 till 2005, she had been working at the Education Ministry of Japan(Monbusho), and at the National Institute for Educational Policy Research of Japan (NIER), where she was Head of Lifelong Learning Systems Section (2000-2001) and a Senior Researcher of the Department of Lifelong Learning Policy Research (2001-2005). She has also been socially contributing as an Overseas Research Advisor to the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, Sports and Culture of Japan (Monbukagakusho), board member of the Japan Association of Lifelong Education and Japan Association of Comparative Education, chair of the Social Education Conference of Meguro District, Tokyo, Vice-chair of Lifelong Learning Council of Kanagawa Prefecture, etc. Her recent works include Lifelong Learning to Revitalize Community: Case Studies of Citizens' Learning Initiative in Japan, in D. Aspin et. al., edit., "Second International Handbook of Lifelong Learning" (Springer, 2012, /Eng/), Integration of Administration for Children and Youth in Sweden, in "Annual Bulletin of JASEP", No. 19 (2012, /Jap/), Lifelong Learning in Russia: Towards Improvement of Workers’ Competitiveness in the Labour Market, in "Society and Economy in Russia & Eurasia" (2012-4, /Jap/), Lifelong Learning Policy and Guidelines in the EU, in "Journal of the Society of Lifelong Education of Japan", Vol.31 (2010, /Jap/).

Tom Schuller

Professor Tom Schuller is director of Longview, a UK thinktank promoting the value of longitudinal and lifecourse research. He is currently writing The Paula Principle: how and why women work below their level of competence – see www.paulaprinciple.com. Schuller is a Visiting Professor at Birkbeck and at the Institute of Education in London, Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences. From 2008-10, he led the UK NIACE Commission on Lifelong Learning, and co-authored its main report, Learning Through Life, with Sir David Watson. Between the years 2003 and 2008, Schuller worked as the Head of the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI), OECD, Paris. Before that, he was the Dean of the Faculty of Continuing Education and Professor of Lifelong Learning at Birkbeck, University of London , also co-director of the Centre for Research on the Wider Benefits of Learning. Schuller is the author or editor of some 15 books, and his research history covers many areas of lifelong learning, but also fields such as employee participation, social capital and the social study of time.

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To support and inspire the research group connected to Encell – National centre for lifelong learning, a Senior Council has been formed. The aim of the group is to share knowledge, experience and ideas on how to develop research on lifelong learning in the future. The Senior Council members are Satya Brink, Peter Jarvis, Airi Rovio-Johansson, Yukiko Sawano and Tom Schuller.