Cecilia Bjursell

Director of Encell

Dr. Cecilia Bjursell is the Director of Encell at the School of Education and Communication at Jönköping University. Her research interests are organization, learning, metaphors, organizational ethnography and narrative perspectives in various empirical contexts. Her earlier studies focused on post-merger integration processes and women’s enterprise in family businesses.

Current research projects involve stories and older-adult learning, intergenerational learning, knowledge management in technology companies, quality work in adult education, and collaboration as part of an academic portfolio. Bjursell has received several awards for her research.

Prior to joining Encell, Bjursell worked at Jönköping International
Business School (JIBS) on both research and practical development
projects. She also has longstanding experience in teaching and was
programme manager for the Business Administration programmes at JIBS. As director of Encell, networking and collaboration are central to her
activities, and Bjursell is involved in several boards, councils and

Read more about Cecilia Bjursell's research here.

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  • Almén, L., Bjursell, C. (2017). High school students access to digital tools in education. More information
  • Bjursell, C., Florin Sädbom, R. (2017). Mentorship programs for workplace inclusion and learning. More information
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Cecilia Bjursell - director of Encell


E-mail: cecilia.bjursell@ju.se
Phone: +46 (0)36-10 13 92