National Centre for Lifelong Learning

Mission and framework

Encell is the overall national body responsible for conducting research as well as knowledge dissemination within adult education and learning.

Since its foundation in 2001, Encell has been funded by the Government as well as by external fund providers. Under the 2006 Budget Bill, Encell was granted new and extended funding by the Government.

Encell is primarily concerned with research focusing on aspects of lifelong learning and dissemination of research findings through active collaboration in partnerships and networks.

We aim to establish Encell as a natural and obvious source of knowledge on lifelong learning focusing on adult education and learning. This objective will be achieved by and is based on partnership cooperation between Encell and - primarily - a number of national partners within adult education and learning, but also regional and local interested parties are of great importance in our work. During the past seven years, Encell has attracted national as well as international interest and attention. The research at Encell is conducted within the research programme Lifelong Learning. The programme forms a vital part of the research school given by HLK focusing on learning and communication.

Three main paths


Our research within the field of lifelong learning and adult learning should contribute to knowledge development in the long-term perspective, as well as the development of a knowledge base on adult learning, workplace learning and aspects of competence development which is of obvious and practical interest to those concerned. The acquired knowledge should also contribute to the renewal and regeneration of professional and working life. These aims and objectives are articulated in the research programme Lifelong Learning.

The principal aim of Lifelong Learning is to conduct research on various aspects, manifestations and dimensions of lifelong learning. The programme is currently based on the conditions for lifelong learning in educational environments as well as in work life and on lifelong learning as a policy area.

Knowledge dissemination

Encell is on an overall national level responsible for business intelligence and knowledge dissemination concerning research findings and experiences within adult learning and competence development.

Encell has also been assigned the specific responsibility of making research-based knowledge on learning accessible and available to interested and responsive parties in business, industries and NGOs so that new knowledge can be transformed into practical action, thereby in a concrete way contributing to the renewal, regeneration and development of working and professional life.

Partnerships and networks

Encell works in close collaboration with several other actors, nationally and internationally, in order to create research platforms and environments through partnerships and networks. Furthermore, Encell is a partner in the cooperation between regional bodies, trade and industry, educational actors, institutions etc.

Encell is a driving force in the development and initiation of new thinking and new ideas concerning flexible and innovative aspects of learning and competence development, based on the perspective of the learning individual but also from a system perspective. Encell contributes to new thoughts on systems for learning and knowledge development within industries, NGOs and the public sector. Furthermore, Encell is actively working to realise practical applications and tests of topical and creative projects within strategic areas of lifelong learning.

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