Workshop 2016 – The Future of the Hospitality and Tourism Sector

Workshop 2016 – The Future of the Hospitality and Tourism Sector

An Urban and Regional Economics Workshop on: The Future of the Hospitality and Tourism Sector

On the 25-27 of May 2016, we held the annual CEnSE workshop, this time devoted to the future of the hospitality sector. Approximately 20 participants came to Gränna to enjoy interesting presentations and discussions. Participants, both researchers and representatives from the industry, came from all around the world including Turkey, Poland, Italy, and United States. The workshop was sponsered by BFUF and Destination Jönköping.

The keynote lecture by Dr. Mauro Ferrante, from University of Palermo, focused on Tourism analysis across time and space, Mauro Ferrante.

Dr.Karl Geisler from NMSU College of Business, talked about Vice Economics: Using latent demand and tourism for economic development in his keynote lecture.

Today, the presence of hospitality and tourism sectors plays an ever more important role both for urban and rural regions. Recent studies show that urban economic vitality is highly dependent on the existence of cultural activities, city amenities and concentration of service establishments. The traditional way of thinking about urban and rural economic development with respect to the use of production factors is challenged by arguments where the importance of consumption, amenities and culture for a region’s attractiveness are accentuated. Urban public authorities, as well as actors in the private sector, have over the last decade started to develop strategies related to regional quality of life, in order to attract future residents, tourists, and conventioneers. To create vibrant places, with better and more diverse consumption possibilities, is considered crucial and adds to economic development in a number of ways. Several branches of the tourism and hospitality sectors constitute the spine of the service-based economy and consumption in a region. As an economic activity, it is heavily dependent on the individuals working in the sector, which also implies high employment opportunities in the local economy. The sector is not only a good career domain, but also a stepping stone for youth and immigrant employment, aiding integration at different geographies.

The Workshop aims at bringing together researchers interested in studying the hospitality and tourism sectors and their relevance for regional economies. We welcome submissions related (but not limited) to:

  • hospitality and tourism clusters
  • labor market implications
  • innovation in tourism and hospitality
  • entrepreneurship in tourism and hospitality
  • international and domestic tourism
  • natural vs. man-made amenities
  • urban-rural tourism
  • destination development

You are welcome to suggest a topic you feel would be fitting to this workshop. We welcome both theoretical and empirical contributions.

WHEN? The workshop will take place May 25-27 in Jönköping, Sweden, and is organized by CEnSE (Centre for Entrepreneurship and Spatial Economics) at Jönköping International Business School, Sweden.

KEYNOTE LECTURES? Dr.Karl Geisler from NMSU College of Business and Dr. Mauro Ferrante from University of Palermo will hold keynote lectures on 27th of May.

HOW? The workshop will have two keynote speakers (to be announced soon) and individual paper sessions. All papers will be assigned a discussant and all presenters/participants are expected to serve as discussants. We aim to encourage constructive discussions in an interactive setting and there will be no parallel sessions. Therefore, the size of the workshop will be limited. The organizers of the workshop aim to arrange an outlet in the form of a special issue in an international journal in the field of hospitality and tourism research. (e.g., a special issue for last year’s workshop will be available in Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie).

COST? The workshop attendance is free, and accommodation and meals will also be covered by the organizers. Travel costs, however, will have to be covered by the participants.

VENUE? The conference and dinner will take place in the lovely town of Gränna at the Grenna Hotel (

Organization committee:
Özge Öner,, Research Institute of Industrial Economics and CEnSE
Mikaela Backman,, CEnSE
Johan Klaesson,, CEnSE