Senior Researchers

Börje Johansson

Professor, Economics

CVPDF (pdf, 340.9 kB)

Charlotta Mellander

Professor, Economics

Charlotta Mellander is a researcher and professor of economics, and one of the country’s leading experts on cities, creativity, and demographic trends. Mellander is also a sought-after speaker on regional economic development, the urban-rural gap, and city development.  CVPDF (pdf, 244.6 kB)

Hans Westlund

Professor of entrepreneurship

Hans’ research covers multidimensional aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation, social capital and urban, regional and rural development in Sweden and internationally, primarily in China.  CVWord (word, 115.3 kB)

Johan Klaesson

Director of CEnSE
Professor, Economics

Johan’s research interests include understanding the location of economic activity, economies of agglomeration, productivity and economic growth in regions and cities.

Johan P Larsson

Research Fellow, Economics

Kristofer Månsson

Associate Professor, Statistics

Kristofer's main research focus is the statistical analysis of economic data with special focus on time series analysis and microeconometrics.  CVPDF (pdf, 293.1 kB)


Daniel Pittino

Assistant Professor,
Business Administration

Daniel's main research interests are corporate governance from an organizational perspective, corporate governance issues in small and medium enterprises and family firms, alliances and inter-organizational relationship between small and medium enterprises. He is author of several articles and research papers on the topics of corporate governance in the family business setting and on the relationship between corporate governance, strategies and innovative performance in small and entrepreneurial firms.

Lars Pettersson

Research Fellow, Economics

Lina Bjerke

Adjunct Assistant Professor,

Lucia Naldi

Professor, Business Administration

Marcela Ramirez-Pasillas

Assistant Professor, Business Administration

Martin Andersson


Pia Nilsson

Postdoc, Economics

Pia's research interests are directed towards regional economic growth and its determinants, especially the influence of spatial externalities in urban, peri-urban and rural areas. As a post-doctoral research fellow she has focused on questions related to regional and rural development from the perspective of European rural regions and developing countries (sub-Saharan).

Mikaela Backman

Co-director of CEnSE
Assistant Professor, Economics

Mikaela’s research focuses on regional development and how the knowledge and skills of the individuals bring benefits to the individual, firm and location.  CVPDF (pdf, 185.8 kB)

Sara Johansson


Sofia Wixe

Research Fellow, Economics

Sofia’s research interest is in regional economics, with a focus on how spatial factors, particularly those related to human capital and diversity, relate to economic outcomes at both individual, firm, and regional level.

Thomas Holgersson

Professor, Statistics

Tina Wallin

Acting Assistant Professor, Economics

Tina’s main research interest is regional economics, with a focus on firm renewal and how regional conditions contribute to shaping that process. Relevant aspects are the knowledge and activities that take place in a firm’s surrounding milieu, as well as the regional institutions, in terms of e.g. financial intermediaries. CVPDF (pdf, 274.2 kB)

Özge Öner

Acting Assistant Professor,

Özge Öner’s research is rooted in Urban and Regional Economics. Özge’s research deals with several issues in relation to spatial determinants of consumption, particularly focusing on the location dynamics of retail markets and hospitality sector. She also works with applied models of human capital, non-market interactions, social capital, urban amenities, as well as migration.

Therese Norman

Therese’s interest is in regional economics and on GIS applications. Her research explores questions such as how improved accessibility to transportation services, human capital, jobs, or the market contributes to the spatial variation in economic development in Sweden and in sub-Saharan African countries.

Johannes Hagen

Andreas Stephan


Andreas Stephan is professor of Economics and Finance at Jönköping International Business School, Sweden. He graduated with a MSc in Industrial Engineering from Technical University in Berlin and earned a Ph.D. in Economics at Humboldt University Berlin.

PhD Candidates

Emma Lappi

Emma’s research interest is on the importance of the dynamics of entry and exit for both firms and individuals.

Amedeus Malisa

Helena Nilsson

Helena Nilsson is a PhD student in Economics at HFI (Handelns forskningsinstitut) and Jönköping International Business School. The focus of Helena’s research is on retail and regional economic development. More specifically, she studies the short- and long-run impacts of the structural change in retailing – namely the decentralization and entry of large scale retail establishments – on regional economic activity. CVPDF (pdf, 148.1 kB)

Aleksandar Petreski

Currently, the center of Aleksandar's research interest are the spatial phenomena within the financial system, including the spatial dimension of property market dynamics CVPDF (pdf, 40.9 kB)

Jonna Rickardsson

Jonna is doing research in the area of regional economics with a focus on media consumption and behavioral economics.

Lars M. Widell

Lars' research interest is in international trade and regional economics.  CVPDF (pdf, 243.8 kB)

Mark Bagley

Mark's current research includes the evolutionary study of industrial clusters with a focus on the role of networks, and the use of computational models for economic analysis.

Orsa Kekezi

Orsa’s research interests lie in regional economics with a focus on media, non-market interactions, and agglomeration economies.

Pingjing Bo

Pingjing's research focuses on media economics and information economics.


Esteban Lopez

Esteban Lopez is currently an Assistant Professor of the Business School and a Postdoctoral Fellow of the Center of Economics and Regional Policy (CEPR) of the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI) at Viña del Mar, Chile. He graduated in 2016 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, obtaining a M.S. in Agricultural and Applied Economics, and a PhD. in Regional Planning. His specializations range from topics on housing issues in U.S. and Latin American contexts, to school choices, regional labor markets, urban displacement, spatial impacts from forestry expansion, among others. He has visited CEnSE in several ocations and worked in research projects with faculty members such as: Mikaela Backman, Özge Öner and Johan Klaesson.


Marie Petersson