Schedule: CeFEO Research Seminars, Spring 2017

Place: Jönköping International Business School

Time: 12:00-13:00

Place: B7030 (if nothing else stated)

January 16

Journal Special Issues CeFEO labs

Professor Francesco Chirico

January 23 (R&R Seminar)

Assistant Professor Daniel Pittino

Fly Away from the Nest?

A Configurational Approach to the Entrepreneurial Career Choice of Family Business Heirs

January 30

Associate Professor Christina Lubinski (Copenhagen Business School)

Family Ownership and National Culture: Changing Perceptions of Ownership in the German “Mittelstand”

February 6

Professor Ilse Matser (Windesheim University of Applied Sciences)

"Engaged scholarship practices in the family business context"

February 13         R&R Seminar

Visiting Professor Thomas Kohler

How to Scale Crowdsourcing Platforms

February 27

PhD Candidate Matthias Waldkirch

“When the Cure Turns Against You: Parallel Professionalization in Family Firms”

March 27

Professor Andreas Stephan

Green Innovation and Productivity: Are Family Firms different?

April 24

Professor Hans Sjögren

Nordic family dynasties

April 25

Associate Professor Salvatore Sciascia

Entrepreneurial orientation and performance in family firms: the double-edged sword of family leadership

April 26

PhD Candidate Imran Nazir - FINAL SEMINAR

Nurturing Entrepreneurial Venturing Capabilities - A study of Family Firms

April 27

Assistant Professor Alicja Hadryś-Nowak

Analysis of business models of international cooperation in long-lived family-owned businesses

May 8

PhD Candidate Enrique Sandino Vargas

Enacting Entrepreneurship after displacement: A challenge for family business in Colombia

May 29     R&R Seminar

Assistant Professor Norbert Steigenberger

“Extending Signaling Theory to Signal Portfolios – R&R in Organization Science”


June 12     Special Edition Seminar (Room B7030 - 13:00- 15:00)

Professor Luis Gomez-Mejia from Arizona State University

“Socioemotional Wealth as a Theoretical Framework: Strengths and Weaknesses” and “Socioemotional Wealth, Caring Climate and Labor Productivity in family firms”


 June 14 (CeFEO Workshop at Mariedal)

(more info in due time)

If you want to present at one of the scheduled dates, please contact  CeFEOs Co-Director, Professor Francesco Chirico .


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